Published: 2018-08-22

Norrköping port upgrade gets the legal green light

Ports & terminals Norrköping port upgrade gets the legal green light

Photo: Port of Norrköping

The Swedish Land and Environment Court has accepted the development plans regarding the Port of Norrköping's project in the Pampus Harbour.

Following the Court's resolution, the port plans to kick off the construction works in 2019. The first phase will cover dredging, while the whole project is to be completed by end-2023.

Once completed, the modernised Pampus Harbour will have, among many things, an enlarged by 80-120k m2 port area for handling and storing containers, wood, and break-bulk goods; a lengthened port basin with water depths of 10.4-14.2 m; and an extended quay wall by adding 300-600 m to the current 610 m.

As a result of the extension, more cargo operations will be shifted from the inner parts of the port to the outer harbour, making room for the city to enter the former port premises.

"We have now received the environmental decision necessary to increase the port's capacity. We are of course glad that the valuation done by the Land and Environment Court has delivered a positive result, at the same time when we keep the schedule. Now we can start extending the port, which will make it possible to take care of increasing volumes and to handle bigger vessels as well as make manufacturing in the port more effective," Henrik Åkerström, CEO, the Port of Norrköping, said.

Pontus Lindblom, responsible for industrial affairs in the Norrköping Municipality, also commented, "It is pleasing to have received the green light so that we can now proceed with such a big and important venture for Norrköping and the region. The port is of great significance for our industry and the upcoming extension will strengthen Norrköping's role as one of the country's leading logistics nodes. We are ensuring that the existing and future companies will have an effective supply chain at their disposal, while in the meantime we can also carry out another exciting and sustainable city development project that will take place in the inner port."

Visualization of the modernised Pampus Harbour in the Port of Norrköping (photo: Port of Norrköping)


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