Published: 2018-05-25

Maersk connects the Med. with the east coast of Canada

Shipping Maersk connects the Med. with the east coast of Canada

Photo: Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership

The Med/Montreal Express will link the ports of Salerno, La Spezia, Fos-sur-Mer, Algeciras, and Valencia with Montreal and Halifax.

The new rotation will be a weekly five-vessel service. It will start on 2 July, departing from Salerno, and arriving in Montreal on July 19.

"With the new service in place, we are confident that we can create opportunities for European and Canadian businesses which will offer them improved transportation solutions to cater for the demands in this growing trade," Karsten Kildahl, Chief Executive, Maersk Line's European Region, commented.

Jack Mahoney, President, Maersk Line Canada, also said, "With one agreement in effect to fuel Canadian imports and exports in the Atlantic and another one in the works for the Pacific, this represents only favourable wind behind the expansion of our services in Canada and enable our customers to reach new markets in Europe and Asia."

"The Port of Montreal serves these two regions [Ontario and Quebec] via rail and trucking service for this large market, where 49% of discharged cargo go to Quebec and further 29% to Ontario. The port, therefore, plays a key role in boosting Canadian trade and is a perfect match for importers and exporters looking for better transportation solutions with Canada," Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO, the Montreal Port Authority, added.

In its press release, Maersk Line says that EU is Canada's second-biggest trading partner after the United States, accounting for 9.6% of its overall traded in goods in 2016. At the same time, Canada accounted for almost 2% of the EU's total external trade in goods. The value of trade in goods between the EU and Canada was €64.3b in 2016.

Container handling operations in the Port of Montreal (photo: Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership)


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