Published: 2019-12-05

Japan Radio Co. and Intellian join forces

Technology Japan Radio Co. and Intellian join forces

Photo: Unsplash

The two companies signed a strategic partnership in maritime satellite communication antenna technology. It will begin with the mutual provision of satellite terminals and technologies with the possibility of future joint projects.

The move is a direct answer to market demands. Smart shipping is becoming an increasingly popular topic within the marine industry, as demand rises for more efficient exchange of ship-to-shore navigation information. Reliable and high-speed communication is essential In order to facilitate smooth data transfer.

Takayuki Komiya, Executive Officer, Marine Systems Division, JRC said, "In order to contribute to this demand, JRC provides a service to share navigation information between ships and land through JRC equipment installed on approximately one third of the world's commercial vessels. What's critical is a reliable, high-speed connection between the ships and land, and thus JRC believes firmly that this new partnership will lead to further improvement of customer satisfaction."

Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian, added, "[…] Our cooperation will broaden the market for both brands, allowing us to serve our combined customer bases across a wider range of applications. By sharing our expertise and experience, Intellian and JRC will provide a range of products and services which are second to none."

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