Published: 2017-11-16

Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO’s Secretary General, on blue industry

Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO’s Secretary General, on blue industry

Isabelle Ryckbost

Originally published in HR E-Zine 1/2017 on page 17.

"The blue industry concept is gaining particular importance these days, and many ports in Europe are responding positively to the ideas behind it. After all, since harbours are the connection nodes between land-based and the blue economics, it’s no wonder that they are often the trigger facilitating blue industry activities both in the port area, as well as out in the sea. In order to face climate change and air pollution challenges, European seaports are trying to decarbonise their port operations in different ways. This can happen by encouraging stakeholders to embrace innovative technologies that help reduce harmful air emissions. I think that by attracting, facilitating the uptake, and even investing in alternative fuels, offshore energy and other renewables, ports can actively contribute to the energy transition in a bold move towards a low-carbon economy. European ports are not only the nodes of transport, but also essential means of keeping the economy running or of securing the EU’s energy security. The challenge for the blue industry will be to match different activities both in terms of space and priority. Therefore, port authorities can play an important role as matchmakers ensuring that the port-coastal waters cohabitation runs in the best possible way."

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