Published: 2019-12-03

Hollandia Seaways enters DFDS' Gothenburg-Ghent service

Shipping Hollandia Seaways enters DFDS' Gothenburg-Ghent service

Photo: Knud E. Hansen

After her 15k mile-journey from the Chinese Jinling shipyard, the 237.4 m-long and 33m-wide 15k dwt-big ro-ro, offering 6,700 lane metres of carrying capacity, called to Gothenburg on 25 November.

The ship, third in a series of six (designed by Knud E. Hansen), entered traffic between the Swedish and Belgian seaports five days later. According to DFDS, Hollandia Seaways is to date the biggest ro-ro vessel to visit Gothenburg.

Once completed, the sixth newbuild will join her on the route (nos. 1 and 2, Ephesus Seaways and Troy Seaways, already ply between Turkey, Italy, and France, while nos. 4 and 5 will serve the company's Rotterdam-Immingham connection).

Hollandia Seaways is equipped with hybrid scrubbers.

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