Published: 2018-08-02

Hirtshals' new link to Norway

Shipping Hirtshals' new link to Norway

Photo: Egil Ulvan Rederi

The Norwegian shipping company Egil Ulvan has incorporated the Danish seaport into its multipurpose service that covers almost the entire western coast of Norway.

Initially, With Frohavet will call to Hirtshals every other Saturday, but the plan is to berth at the Danish port each week. The ship arrived for the first time in Denmark on 30 July.

The service, which chiefly takes care of part loads, foodstuff, and project cargo, connects now Hirtshals with the ports of Borge, Kambo, Horten, Bergen, Vaksdal, Ålesund, Vestnes, Trondheim, Verdal, Steinkjer, Bodø, Bogøy, Tovik, Harstad, Bergneset, and finally Tromsø up in the north of Norway.

The Hirtshals branch of Blue Water Shipping, a transport and logistics company based in Esbjerg, has been chosen to act as Egil Ulvan's port and sales agent in Denmark, handling stevedore assignments as well as promoting the extended service.

"There is a demand for a regular route between Norway and Denmark. We, as well as many other influencers within the industry, expect that this will create positive results," Arild Hoff, Manager, Egil Ulvan Rederi, commented.

There are also three ferry services from the Port of Hirtshals to Norway, two provided by Fjord Line (to Langesund and Bergen) and the third by Color Line (Larvik).

Egil Ulvan's multipurpose vessel With Frohavet


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