GreenTech in Shipping 2019

GreenTech in Shipping 2019
Date: 26-27 February 2019
Place: DE/Hamburg

Which latest green technologies can contribute best to achieving the determined goals? Has enough been done to create a sustainable shipping market? Which fuels should the sector turn to, in order to drive the most effective economic and environmental outcome?

There are numerous issues that call for decisions and collaborative thinking, therefore, events like GreenTech in Shipping contribute to the sector by providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to meet and discuss industry outlook, look for ways to cooperate and find solutions to most urgent issues as well as exchange good practices.

At the Forum you will find out from the regulators, government bodies and major ports’ representatives what the near future holds for ship builders and operators as well as learn about latest innovations and modern technologies from top technology developers. So, don’t miss the chance to keep your business up to date with the latest news and technological innovations in the maritime sector.

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