Published: 2017-01-11

Enrique César López Veiga, President of the Port of Vigo on the container market

Enrique César López Veiga, President of the Port of Vigo on the container market


Originally published in HR E-Zine 2/2016 on page 9.

"We, as a port authority, aim to promote the economic development of Vigo and its hinterland. 

As such, we look at the future of maritime transport determined to take advantage of all incoming changes on the market that may reinforce our position and opportunities. While the expansion of the Panama Canal will definitely change container traffic routes to and from Europe, Vigo will also benefit from its strategic Atlantic position, and we expect a strengthening of our port’s role as the Spanish Atlantic export-import gateway. 

Next, the port authority is very concerned with the growing importance of technology and automation for maritime transport and industry; therefore, we are investing means and economic resources in several projects, such as Smart ViPort and Blue Growth, aimed at providing efficient solutions based on technological innovation and environmental commitment. This philosophy is shared by our container terminal operator, TERMAVI, S.L., which has developed its own software solutions to improve the terminal services and productivity, one of the main requirements demanded by all agents involved in container transport. 

Vigo is a naturally sheltered port, highly specialized in reefer traffic, open all year round, offering 769 m of berthing line, and draughts over 17 m. There are more than 50 regular container lines linking the Vigo Container Terminal with the rest of Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. The facility handles 200,000 TEU annually (imports and exports accounting for 97%), and has a 180,000 m² big depot. The Port of Vigo leads northwest Spain in container traffic and, with 1,300 connection points, is Spain’s second biggest terminal in terms of reefer capacity.

Our essential features are intermodality (a direct link to Vigo’s railway terminal), the joined Border Inspection Post (BPI) and other security facilities available, including an X-ray scanner for monitoring and surveillance of containers (US C.S.I. initiative), as well as a radiation and spectrometric portal monitor (US Megaports project), both of them operated by State Security Forces."

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