Published: 2017-03-21

Dorothy Winters, the Port of Amsterdam’s Business Developer Offshore on the blue industry

Dorothy Winters, the Port of Amsterdam’s Business Developer Offshore on the blue industry

Dorothy Winters

Originally published in HR E-Zine 1/2017 on page 15.

"The ports of Amsterdam and IJmuiden have joined forces under the Amsterdam IJmuidenOffshore Port (AYOP), a public-private network organisation with over 70 specialists from government and the offshore industry.

One of AYOP’s aims is to develop the Amsterdam-IJmuideninto an area especially attractive for the offshore wind business, but we also cater to niches in the offshore oil & gas sector, such as drilling support, platforms’ modifications & maintenance, and – particularly nowadays – decommissioning, and disassembly of redundant platforms.

Experience is on our side – the first out of three wind farms in the Netherlands was installed from the Port of IJmuiden. AYOP is also a cable hub, catering to equipment, as well as logistics, and strategic storage for cable producers. Experienced as we are in wind farm installation and maintenance, we have extended the number of berths for crew transfer vessels and boats.

We have also done all turbine assembly activities for the near-shore wind farm Westermeerwind. AYOP is likewise very active within Decom@work, a group of companies working together to secure careful completion and decommissioning of parts in the life cycle, including logistics, re-use, and processing. 

We see the biggest future potential in rolling out of wind zones e.g. Hollandse Kust Zuid, and Hollandse Kust Noord, representing 2,100 MW of combined power. What’s more, the Hollandse Kust West and the IJmuiden Ver will support energy transition in Dutch offshore wind with 7,000 MW.

One of the initiatives taken by the Amsterdam-IJmuiden offshore region is research to support innovations in the offshore wind industry. The research covers three areas: Operations and maintenance (O&M), ship conversion, and logistics. It also offers a possibility of international knowledge-sharing between sectors in the area of process industry, materials, knowledge & expertise, manufacturing, sensor/sensoring techniques, oil & gas supply, big data, etc. Furthermore, we are going to establish roundtables on each topic, so as to develop our ideas into collective industry innovation projects.

Additionally, the Port of Amsterdam supports many other offshore activities, e.g. the development of the North Sea in a sustainable, responsible, and cost-effective way for renewable industry. Finally, I can say that we are devoted to the ROC Nova College initiative of launching the Wind Technician vocational technical education, which includes Falck training (offshore safety training), and Quercus (high voltage training)."




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