Published: 2018-01-09

DFDS says goodbye to its terminal in Esbjerg

Ports & terminals DFDS says goodbye to its terminal in Esbjerg

Photo: DFDS Seaways

The shipping company has decided to close its ferry terminal in the Danish port, in result moving its operations onto the facility of Blue Water Shipping.

The 100k m2 terminal was in the past used to serve DFDS' two services connecting Denmark to England - to and from Immingham and Harwich. The latter was closed a few years ago, while the former calls at Esbjerg once a day, hence providing limited demand for stevedoring.

"The critical mass is simply missing. The terminal is significantly larger than we need, and also it is not possible to utilise the workforce in an efficient manner when loading and unloading only takes place for approximately four hours a day. Nor will it be possible to ensure a reasonable return on necessary investments in modernising the terminal and equipment," Lars Hoffmann, Freight Director in Denmark, DFDS Seaways, commented.

He also added, "We are sorry, especially since many employees have been with us for many years. However, the development has removed the basis for operating our own terminal. We will simply be better equipped to develop and future-orient our customer service by switching to an external terminal, which we do in all the ports that have roughly the same pattern of ships calling as Esbjerg."


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