Published: 2017-02-01

Connectivity is key, HR E-Zine 4/2016

Connectivity is key, HR E-Zine 4/2016

Connectivity is key. Summary of the Harbours 360 Conference, Harbours Review E-Zine 4/2016, pgs. 3-14, by Przemysław Myszka.

The second edition of the Harbours 360 Conference took place in Duisburg, home to Europe's largest multimodal dry port, as well as a vital link in the supply chain of the New Silk Road.

As such, the sea-rail-road logistics, and how to efficiently link our continent with Central Asia and the Chinese Far East were topical during this autumn's event, gathering speakers, panellists, and an audience from across numerous regions of the so-called Eurasian Land Bridge.

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Connectivity is key


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