Published: 2019-11-28

All of Värtahamnen now covered by OPS

Ports & terminals All of Värtahamnen now covered by OPS

Photo: Ports of Stockholm

The Ports of Stockholm, together with the ferry line Tallink Silja, has concluded a €4.4m-big (SEK 47m) project aimed at providing onshore power at every berth of its terminal in the Swedish capital.

The new onshore power supply facility, technology provided by Cavotec, came online on 4 November.

As part of its eco-policy, the Ports of Stockholm is granting SEK1.0m per vessel (approx. €90k) to shipping companies which decide to convert their ships so as to plug them into electricity from the shore.

"It is really pleasing that Tallink Silja can now directly connect to onshore power, from the quayside to the vessel, at the Värtahamnen Port. We believe that taking away the need to run the engines when in port to supply power to the vessel is a major step towards improved sustainability and well-being," Marcus Risberg, CEO, Tallink Silja Sweden, commented.

He also highlighted, "The shore power connections not only allow us to reduce emissions and noise levels when in port, but also mean a much better working environment in the engine room, where it is now completely silent during the day."

To this Joakim Larsson, Vice Mayor for City Planning, added, "The Värtahamnen Port is one of Stockholm's gateways to the surrounding world, and we need to create a welcoming district where the growth of the city and the port are integrally linked. I am delighted that vessels can now connect to onshore power at the Värtahamnen Port. This provides the prerequisites for greener shipping and a more attractive port, free from unnecessary emissions."

"The results at the Värtahamnen Port are a positive step in the right direction. Ports of Stockholm is continuing this prioritised work according to our established operating policy to develop onshore power supply at our ports," Thomas Andersson, MD, the Ports of Stockholm, summed up.

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